Stop the guesswork with instant expert home advice

Our home repair experts have 15+ years of experience and can provide advice over a video call for almost any general home repair, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and appliance issues.

Anew has helped over 600 homeowners

Anew is great for

Pricing opinions on project estimates

Tips to fix leaky faucets

Reviewing home inspection reports

Advice on preparing home for different seasons

and more!

How it works

  • Hand selecting electrical from the Anew app services menu
  • Smart phone displaying a Anew home repair expert providing consultation
  • A woman making home repairs herself and a Anew repair technician coming to perform a home repair job
  1. Connect with an expert
  2. Show us your project over video
  3. Get advice & recommendations
Map of Anew service locations

Where & when you can use Anew:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm ET

Saturday: 9am - 3pm ET

Sunday: Closed

Our relationship to Nationwide

Anew is a part of the Nationwide family of companies. So that means as an Anew user, you’ll get the credibility and reliability of a Fortune 100 company dedicated to treating customers with extraordinary care.

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